Skydiving demos and exhibitions, live production, aerial stunts, and action photography 

ActionEye and Francisco Neri, specialize in skydiving demos – exhibitions working with aerial athletes that have vast experience in all aspects of modern skydiving; their skills and knowledge can customize exhibitions to fit any clients’ needs.

Top performers in the competition circuit (domestically and internationally) specializing in their own right, withing the different skydiving disciplines: Aerial Stunts, Aerial Stunt coordination, Freefall Production, Aerial Cinematography & Photography, Freefly Skydiving, Wing Suit flying, Fixed-Object Jumping (BASE), and High-Performance Canopy Flight.

From freefall maneuvers to aerial canopy formations to high-speed, breathtaking landings, we will deliver a show like no other.

Check out the video showing skydiving demos team performing!

Skydiving Demos and Exhibitions

Specializing in high-speed parachute flights and landings. Using the latest technologies in the industry, the aerial maneuvers and landings are revolutionary.

Rates and pricing:
Solo High Performance Landing $1400 per performer
Two-man High Performance Landing $1400 per performer
3- or 4-man High Performance Landing $1400 per performer

Demo Equipment Cost:
White Smoke $60 per canister
Colored Smoke Red, Blue, or Yellow $75 per canister
Flags/Banners Small (8’x8’) $100 per flag, Medium (12’x12) $150 per flag, Large (12’ or larger) $200 and up per flag

Insurance Premium:
$1400 for coverage of $1.000.000, Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Liability for one day.

Aircraft & Pilot Cost:
$700 for up to 2 ½ hours, additional flight time is billed at $200 per hour.

Ground Crew:
Minimum of 1 person ground crew $800 per person.

Travel Expenses, accommodations, and transportation:
All expenses related to travel (airfares), accommodations (hotels), transportation (rental cars) should be covered by the event organizer or client.

For decades parachute exhibitions have involved bigger, slower parachutes that glide gracefully into the target area, with the parachutist often toting a flag or banner. As impressive and effective as this display may be, it is outdated. Our demonstrations offer all options, including smaller, faster parachute “wings” performing spirals toward the ground and with spectacular precision pulling out of a ground hungry dive to soar across the earth’s surface at over 60 mph for several hundred feet.

This type of landing, commonly referred to “swooping,” can be done over land or water, executed in unison, or with multiple pilots landing in perfect formation.

At a racetrack, stadium or a golf course, for example, our performance might include a diving spiral and swoop across the surface, with the final touchdown right on the designated area. The precision and speed of this performance can be accentuated as the jumper drags his foot in water, kicking up a wicked rooster-tail in his wake.

Check out the video showing skydiving demos team performing!

Exhibition Performance Options:
Solo performer: high performance parachute landing, wingsuit flight, or flag.
Two or more performers: high performance parachute landing in succession or simultaneous, wingsuit formation flight, or flag.

Performance Combinations with multiple pilots

Two man Combinations:
Two individual landings in succession.
Two man simultaneous landings.

Three man Combinations:
Three individual landings in succession.
Two man simultaneous landings.
Three man simultaneous landings.

Four man Combinations:
Four individual landings in succession.

Optional Equipment:

Smoke Canisters: maximize your investment and the visual appeal of your exhibitions by adding smoke. For minimal extra costs, pilots will wear smoke canisters on their feet, leaving a brilliant trail of white or colored smoke for the entire crowd to see.

Flags, Banners or Tubes: advertise your company’s logo on custom-designed flags, banners or tubes flown by one or all of the team members.

Video and Photographs: capture high quality video and photographic images for all of your corporate marketing needs. The team includes its own aerial photographer, and all pilots can use additional helmet-mounted digital video cameras such a GOPRO.

Wind Blade and Inflatable Banners: accent the event site with custom designed wind blades and banners, displaying the company logo or event sponsors.

Type of Venues

Water: Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, Oceanfront
Land: Grass, Dirt, Pavement, Hillside, Mountain-side
Structures: Building-Tops, Bridges, Stadiums
Snow and Ice

Check out the video showing skydiving demos team performing!