Francisco Neri is a highly experienced project manager, producer, creative director, and aerial extreme athlete set out to show modern human flight performance & high-performance parachute flying to the world, in a way rarely seen.

Francisco brings his own unique professional experience and style of work. Redefining the words compromise and consistency. He is a multi talented aerial producer and athlete performing in front of the camera as well as behind it.

Exploring all facets of human flight and parachute flight is his overall mission, including 3-dimensional body flight, high-speed CRW, high-G formation spiraling maneuvers, precision landings, expedition mountain flying, and water swooping. Combining these experiences, he has stormed the competitive world defining the importance of trust and sportsmanship in these exciting new disciplines.

Discovering the unique realms of nature around the world, he has been pushing the limits of  flight into a new ground by launching flight expeditions from the foothills of California to the Fjords of Norway dedicated to the challenge of taking human flight and canopy piloting to a new level with some of the most visually stimulating and exciting aerial flights demonstration to date.

Driven by the internal passion for human flight, Francisco and ActionEye provides a unique business opportunity with several ways to leverage your products and services and to attain profitability and exponential growth.


As one of the few high-performance parachute pilots in the world with the ability to provide the opportunity of performing high-speed demonstration jumps and landings into race tracks, off-road tracks, stadiums, golf courses and beaches. This serves as a great opportunity to have a parachute with the sponsor’s logo on it flying and landing at the venue in front of all spectators.


Exploring the unique realms of nature around the globe, Francisco has been pushing the limits of parachute flight to new heights by launching parachuting expeditions from the foothills of California to the giant granite fjords of Norway. Francisco is currently scheduling 3 extreme expeditions for 2017 ranging from the snowed covered peaks of France, the Rockie Mountains CO, and Utah. The opportunity exists for capturing never-before-seen footage of flights around places so remote that they’ve never even been hiked, much less flown

Francisco Neri Bio:

Home Drop Zone: The World
Worked in: Project Management, producer, creative director, action sports photographer
Total Number of Skydives: 15000+
Camera and free flying jumps: 10000+
High-performance parachute jumps: 14500+
Wind tunnel flight experience and instruction: 400+ hours
Exhibition jumps: +350
Base Jumps: 20+
License Ratings: USPA D-21142, Freefly™ Atmosphere Dolphin License A# 98, B# 17, C #11, First School of Modern Skyflying instructors license, wind tunnel free-fly instructor, National Aeronautic Association Sporting License

Francisco Neri Movies, TV & News Exposure:

swooping-2way-landing-photo by francisco neri

• US Toyota Commercial New Tacoma 2005 main Stunt Talent Skydiver & Swooper.
• Movistar Cell phone commercial 2003 main Stunt Talent.
• ESPN live interview on the 2004 Freefly World Record
• ESPN Cold Pizza US Nationals Canopy Piloting
• Fox Sports International Show on Wind Tunnel Flying, and Canopy Piloting
• Adrenalina TV shows on Canopy Piloting Competitions Performance.
• Chief video photographer of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd official 24 way, 39 way and 42-way free-fly world records
• Main roll TV commercial for Movilnet, cell phone company
• Producer, Videographer, and Performer for Epic Sports TV Airborne Show.
• Producer, Videographer, and Performer for Performance Designs Factory Team DVD 2005.
• Producer, Videographer, and Performer for Performance Designs Factory Team DVD 2003.
• Videographer and performer for The Cloud’s Edge, Worthless Eye Candy, and Space Games 10 films.
• AXN Interview on Flight performance for Space Games Competition.

Francisco Neri Competition experience :

• 3rd place Overall World Games, Germany • 8th place Overall World Canopy Piloting World Championship, South Africa • 1st place Overall Pro Swooping International Tour
• 2nd place Pro Swooping International Tour, Perris Valley CA Sep • 4th place 3rd World Cup Canopy Piloting Austria • 4th place European Swoop Tour Russia.
• 3rd place Pro Swooping International Tour, Chicago USA August • 4th place Blue Side Up Texel Swoop Competition, Holland July • 5th place World Games Canopy Piloting, Germany July • 3rd place European Swoop Tour Voss Norway, June • 2nd place Triple Crown Freestyle, Skydive The Farm GA, June • 3rd place Grand Prix Canopy Piloting Perris Valley CA, April • 10th place 3rd World Cup Canopy Piloting Lake Wales FL, Feb • 2nd place individual FLCPA Skydive Sebastian Fl Nov 2004 • 1st place 2way Team event Water Distance SkyQuest Fl Nov • 1st place Pro Swooping Tour Team Champions Perris, CA • 6th place Individual Overall Pro Swooping Tour • 5th place guest position US Nationals Canopy Piloting. • 2nd place Florida Swooping League Round #3 Z-hills FL July 2004 • 1st place Pro Swooping Tour FreeStyle Team Perris April • 7th place Pro Swooping Tour individual overall 2003 • 1st place Pro Swooping Tour 2003 World Champions Team • 11th place IPC World Cup oF Canopy Piloting Perris Valley • 9th place Pro Swoop Tour Voss, Norway June 25-28/2003
• 5th place Pro Swoop Tour Panama City Beach April 2003 • 4th place Canopy Swoop Competition Skydive Atlanta Cedar Town, May 2002. • 2nd place 3 way team pro class at Space Games #12 • 2nd place 3 way team pro class at Space Games #11 • 4th place Atmosphere Dolphin Challenge pro class at Space Games #12 • 4th place Free Style team with Ippo Fabby at Space Games #10 • 5th place Freefly Indy™ 500 Pro Class at Space Games #10 • 6th place Freefly Indy™ 500 Space Games #8 Jan 2000. • 5th place 3-way team World Championships Space Games

Francisco Neri Exhibitions & Demo Jumps:

• Red Bull Flugtag Ottawa CA • Red Bull Flugtag Tampa • Oakland Raider Coliseum • Red Bull Flugtag Nashville • Bristol Nascar • Red Bull Alas Sobre Amador Panama • Moonlight Air show • Corpus Christy Air show • Andrews Air force Base Air show             • Punta Gorda Air show • Oakland Coliseum MLS • Kansas City Royals MLB • San Diego Chargers NFL • Hartley Crawford Stadium and Mobs 2 Trinidad & Tobago • Red Bull Flugtag Austin • Red Bull Flugtag Nashville • Red Bull Soap Box Jamaica  • Red Bull Soap Box Providence • Red Bull Air Races, San Francisco, San Diego and Detroit 06, 07, 08 • Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach California Red Bull Airforce USA 2006 • Football game downtown Atlanta Red Bull Airforce USA 2005 • Baja Race Chulavista San Diego Red Bull Airforce USA 2005 • Skydiving US Nationals 2005 • Extreme Week Voss Norway 2005 • Ampuria Brava Beach Festival Spain 2005 • World Games Germany 2005 • Florida Keys Beach Boogie USA 2004 • Skydiving US Nationals 2004 • Swoop Festival Wildwood New Jersey USA 2004 • Helicopter & Acrobatic Planes Air show New Jersey USA 2004 • IPC World Cup USA 2003 • World Freefall Convention USA 2003 • Fantasy of Flight Museum USA 2003 • Extreme Week Voss Norway 2003 • Beach Swoop Festival Panama City USA 2003 • Science Museum Baltimore Bay Red Bull Airforce USA 2003.

Francisco Neri Photography Work Credits:

• Sports Illustrated (USA) • Red Bull Airforce • Red Bull Photofiles • Parachutist (USA) • Skydiving Magazine (USA) • Skydive Mag (UK) • Drop Zone (French) • Para-Mag (French) • Air Press (Brazil) • Campara (Canadian) • Fallskirm (Sweden) • Volare (Italy) • FrittFall (Norway) • Performance Designs Factory Team Photos • Sunpath Products PDFT Photos • Alchemy Team Photos Freefly World Champions • Freefly Circus Team Photos Freestyle & Freefly World Champions. • Skydive Sebastian • Red-Bull Wings Qualifier 2003 Swoop Tour Photos website. • Freefly Training Center Team/ Events Photos • CPS Complete Parachuting Solution Military Photos • Relative Workshop Vector MICRON Photos • DeLand Majik Skydiving FS World Champions • The Relative Workshop Sports Gear Photos • First School of Modern Skyflying Photos • Skydive DeLand Freedom of Flight Team Photos.

Francisco Neri Sponsors:

UPT Vector
Larsen & Brusgaard
TonFly Helmets