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Aerial Stunts & Freefall Production Services

ActionEye is a full-service media agency focusing in aerial stunts productions, and branding services, working together with Francisco Neri and some of the most highly experienced aerial athletes, set out to show the exiting visual aspects of modern human flight & high-performance parachutes landings.

Services offered:
*Project location scouting worldwide
*Aircraft , pilot and insurance logistics & setup.
*Skydiving and B.A.S.E. jumping instruction & training
*Aerial Stunts Coordination
*Freefall Video in formats such as 4K, HD 1080, 35mm,
*Freefall Digital Photography 24MP
*Specialty Camera Equipment and Mounts
*High Performance Exhibitions services by USPA Pro-rated jumpers

Mission & Vision:
Every project is a new challenge, and a chance to come up with something accelerating and cutting edge. Being able to live and work at what drives your everyday energy its what makes this equation successful.

For our clients, we will always present you with the very best skill set and tools available, constantly exploring new avenues to make better and more cutting edge projects.

Freefall Video & Photography:
ActionEye brings the most experienced expedition & competition camera flyers and aerial athletes in the world. Some of their previous work includes freefall world class competitions, freefall world records. Tv commercials, movies, remote location stunts, expeditions and much more. Our skill set and training shows in the quality of the work that is produced and delivered.

Skydiving Media

Aerial Stunts Production


4K, HD 1080, 35mm, video camera systems
Helicopter / airplane camera systems

35mm camera systems with video assist / video tap
Helicopter / airplane camera systems

Special camera mounts:
Basic airplane mounted systems and freefall camera mounts for belly cam, foot cam, and hand cam with the option of adjustable angles.

Aerial Stunts Coordination Services:

Project location scouting worldwide, our experience includes projects filmed at locations all over the world including the Norwegian Fjords, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Jamaica, Bahamas, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. Most of this projects involved expeditions to unique and remote locations in the world. Offering logistics setup, coordination and local communication in scouting the right locations with the goal of assuring safe travels and the completion of the media capturing in this special locations.

Aircrafts, pilots and insurance logistics & setup:
All the way from a small Cessna 182 or 206 type airplanes to a Twin Otter or PAC 750XL with a capacity range of 18 to 22 passenger. Acrobatic xtra 300 series. Helicopter in same capacity from small to medium range and also acrobatic.

Jump Team comprised of experienced male and female skydivers in disciplines like:
Camera Flying
Wingsuit flying
Relative Work

Base Jumping team comprised of experienced male and female jumper:
BASE building jumpers
BASE bridge jumpers
BASE wingsuit flyers
BASE skiers & snowboarders

Ground Crew / Medics:
Air to ground communication and coordination.
Riggers / parachute riggers & packer.
Water rescue team

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