Flying into Sunset-


ActionEye consulting services focus on aerial stunts, advertising, image branding, digital content development and events production. Our company has an extensive and well-known professional career thanks to our efforts, dedication and commitment to our clients.

Delivering outstanding results with impact that are actually executable, for that we leverage the consulting and management experience of carefully selected professionals and expert collaborators. We represent creative pragmatists with a team approach.

Mission & Vision:

Every project is a new challenge, an opportunity to come up with something accelerating and cutting edge. Being able to live and work at what drives your everyday energy its what makes this equation successful. We will always present you with the very best skill set and consistently explore new avenues in order to exceed our results.

ActionEye works only with the most experienced professionals in the business. Some of their previous work includes world records, Tv commercials, ad campaigns, international concerts, sports documentaries, aerial stunts, and expeditions. Our team skill set and experience shows the quality of the work that is delivered.

ActionEye Branding, Advertising and Events Services:

Art and advertising department: our goal is to materialize original and highly creative ideas to impact the public. We are able to offer you the most complete service, with the highest quality possible. As part of our services, we offer you the development of 360° advertising campaigns, covering ATL (television, radio and printed media) and BTL (point of sale, activations, sampling, promotions, direct marketing, etc.) areas, as well as digital media and social networks, among others. We have a top-level creative team in charge of materializing your project, in order to impact your clients in an innovative, eye-catching and audacious way.

Events Production: with over 15 years of professional experience, we are well-known in show production and events set-up. Establishing the trend for performance and execution of cutting-edge concepts, which gives us a solid and long-term career image. Our vast knowledge of production in different areas is our greatest strength. Therefore, we can offer the best service, while achieving all of our clients’ goals.


360° campaigns: our team focuses on developing a strong and innovative concept which allows reaching consumers in a clear and accurate way while attracting their attention. This allows us to gain the consumer’s preference for your brand and/or company.
Then, we implement and execute said concept through the media requested by the client. Among others, we can offer you TV spots, radio spots, graphics for printed media, billboards, etc.
We are also able to put in action BTL strategies. These include the creation of innovative and astonishing items to be placed at the point of sale, product sampling and activations on the public road, among others.

Development of corporate image: it is based on the creation of a logo-symbol representing your company as product manufacturer or service provider. Here, we work directly on your company’s business name as, unlike a brand that works on the image of the product or service with advertising objectives, a corporate image is aimed at having a unified format in presentation cards, letterhead sheets, envelopes, invoices, credit notes, uniforms, vehicles, signals, etc.

Image optimization:
when a company has already positioned its graphic image, but needs follow-up in special applications as a totally independent requirement (that is, they are not part of an advertising or promotion campaign), we are the solution. We offer you the design of an endless range of applications for your image, always made-to-measure.

Multimedia production: once the pieces for the different media are proposed, we produce them, always complying with the strictest standards. We have the most complete and skilled team of suppliers to materialize your project, with the highest quality in the market.

ActionEye HD Video, Film, & Digital Photography Production:

Red Camera

*Project location scouting worldwide
*Aircraft , pilot and insurance logistics & setup.
*Skydiving, Wind Tunnel and B.A.S.E. jumping instruction & training
*Aerial Stunts Coordination
*Freefall Video in formats such as 4K, 35mm, HD 24P
*Freefall Digital Photography 24MP
*Specialty Camera Equipment and Mounts
*High Performance Exhibitions services

Full service, 4K HD video production & post production:

Editing Software

Even the best captured film is worthless without the right skills and technology provided by high end post production. Our post production editors are experts in taking raw footage and creating an special piece. This is where the story comes to life and composition happens in a meaningful way to create something special.

Our online editing bay its designed to facilitate editing, compositing, color correction and mastering in multiple compressed and uncompressed high definition formats.

The post production workflow for a shoot using HD cameras depends on the camera used to capture your content, if you have footage in a variety of HD formats, or 35mm, please contact us and we will send a budget for the services required.

ActionEye Events design and production

DJ Concert StagingOur client’s image is the highest priority, we offer high end design and production for your events, with an innovative presence at the right location, creating prominet exposure to the media and general public.

Production & Logistics: we provide advisory and support for the best production, direction, set-up and execution of your event or show. In addition, we hire external services required by our clients.

Rental Equipment for your events:  Tomcat roof systems; staging platforms, stands, runways, professional video ( live broadcasting bay, projection systems, LED screens, LED touch screens, CCTV); professional sound systems (JBL, NEXO); professional lighting for all types of events (fixed and automated lights, LED wall washer lights, laser, light cannon); special effects, fireworks; power generators; party services and private security