Action Photography

Action Photography, documenting Skydiving Expeditions 

Action Photography and documenting Skydiving expeditions are a very rare opportunity, mostly because it requires a highly experienced team of athletes and second finding funding can be a challenge. Our job in this action photography shoot was to capture the intrinsic nature of this rare an extreme experience, flying high performance parachutes over these amazingly unreal and captivating Norwegian fjords.


The location is amazing, it provides everything you can ask for in this type of production adventures, the terrain offers all kinds of options and different possible flying trajectories involving, huge rock formations, waterfalls, snow, river creeks, and trees of all shapes and sizes. Attacking this type and size of mountain terrain takes careful planning, and multiple runs in order to understand and digest its true potential.

Weather and conditions in this type of location its always a factor to consider and constantly needs to be evaluated, from one run to the next one conditions can change drastically forcing the expedition to be on stand by, normally we start as early as possible avoiding winds and heat, these are two variables that affect very much the way our wings fly and its stability.

Be mindful about the weather and take as much time as possible to evaluate and understand the terrain and the line of flight.

The felling..

There are few words that can describe the feeling of flying these mountains, from the moment you exit the airplane to landing safely at the bottom, every second is filled with pure focus, only in the moment and nothing else, afterwards you are filled with the joy and emotions that only this adventures bring, we sinceryly hope you enjoy and  appreciate the story.

Safe travels.

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